GABBY & DAVID {Cicada LA Wedding}

I remember walking through the Biltmore Hotel lobby after Gabby & David did their first look & thinking to myself, “I have got to be in a movie”. There are no words that describe how perfect this wedding was. I’m sure everyone who attended can agree! Gabby & David got married at Cicada in Downtown Los Angeles. Their wedding was stunning with all elements  creating a chic, sophisticated and timeless style. Event designer Samantha Dapper did an amazing job bringing the whole look together! (She always does!)  The whole day was filled with so much love & emotion. I couldn’t be more happy for these high school sweethearts& truly honored that I have been able to witness their love grow over so many years!

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Wedding Coordinator: Samantha Dapper Event Design | Venue: Cicada, Los Angeles | Getting Ready Venue: Biltmore Hotel | Videography: Studio 205 Films | Florist: Lavenders Floral | Cake: Joanie and Leigh’s Cakes- The Cake Divas | Photo booth: Mobile Photo Booth | DJ and Lighting: DJ Professional | Stationary and Design: Alpha Graphics | Calligraphy: Tawny Tsang Calligraphy | Wine Favors and Custom Labels: Joseph Filippi Winery | Dress: Pronovias | Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bride’s Makeup: Noseph Trinh | Bridesmaid’s Makeup: Rozen Cabrera | Hair: Dalina Rebollo, Hairroin Salon | Brides Jewelry and Rings: Frank Vernon Diamonds | Garter: Emily Riggs Bridal | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Dessy Group | Bridesmaid’s Jewelry: Givenchy | Grooms and Groomsmen Tuxedos: Vera Wang Black | Groom’s Shoes and Cuff Links: Salvatore Ferragamo | Groom’s Watch: Gucci

Jeremy Chou - What a beautiful wedding, love the venue and gorgeous couple! Awesome job Alyssa!

Samantha Dapper - I could cry looking at these photos!! Too gorgeous and one insanely talented photographer!!!

Katie Convertino - this is the most stunning wedding I have seen in a long time. The photos are beautiful and I’m sure will be treasured forever!! So happy for you two!

Natasha Glenn - great from beginning to end!

Leah Vis - So pretty! They will cherish these!

Victoria Johansson Photography - Gorgeous images!!

Wendy Ramos - Alyssa, looove!!!

Brittney Hannon - Alyssa these are breathtaking! I love the shots of the dress, the rings, the shoes and EVERYTHING else! What a beautiful couple!

Janelle Marina - ok seriously this whole post was perfection! Gorgeous couples! Awesome poses! sweet moments! Fab details! Love Love Love!!!

Kathryn Bruns - Speachless, what an incredible wedding and perfectly captured!

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