LAUREN {Portraits}

Am I the only person obsessed with writing notes on post-its. With all the crazy things going on I feel like my obsession has only grown. My desk is covered in notes… one note has a list with all the shoots I want to blog. I know I say it all the time but I really am bad at blogging. Well, Not anymore! A good friend photog of mine witnessed my post-it list & I ended up promising myself to blog at LEAST once a week from now on! It really is needed though! I have so many amazing shoots that I’ve been dyiinnng to share… some of them I still can’t post online because they are being featured on other sites before I can post them on my own but hopefully things will speed up a bit because I am super anxious. I think these last few weeks have been life changing to my photography. All the planning, craft making, organizing, rescheduling for weather & lack of sleep has all finally paid off as I scroll though the outcome of images from these past few shoots. I have been pushed in so many new directions that I have never experienced before & got to work with some very talented vendors & teams! I could not be any more happy with how things turned out.

Thanks to Leanna for making me stay up & write this post at 4:30am (yes I’m calling you out) She’s been bugging me to see my “bus shoot” haha. Anyway, you might be wondering who this pretty little lady is down below. Lauren & I did a little mini shoot in a school bus a few weeks ago & I think it turned out awesome! She is a natural beauty & I had so much fun photographing her! Not to mention buses are really exciting to work with! haha ;)

Susan boros - Aw I work with Lauren! Very cool

Cindy Cooper - WOW Lauren, these are so nice. You look amazing!

Cindy Cooper - WOW Lauren, these are so nice. You look amazing!

F a c e b o o k
R e v i e w s